God's word in today's world


Social network thieves

Social networks are addictive. Due to the nature of our ministry I must constantly make sure that the posts on the various social network platforms have gone through. But then I noticed that I don’t only check whether our posts have landed. I quickly scroll through the news feeds to what fresh news there are. […]

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Consider God’s Word

Often people ask me to shorten the pieces we send out. I ask why? “It takes too long to read through it. ”Then I ask, “How long does it take you to read it?” “Maybe 5 minutes.” “Is that the only time you have for God in your busy day?” I ask softly. Usually there’s […]

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God’s timing is supernaturally perfect

Marina (not her real name) wrote to me in an e-mail: The time is 23:30 and I’m reading that piece about the clutch slipping. Thank you for this piece. It’s precisely where I was … slipping off the road, because I was sulking. It felt to me as if the Lord did not hear me and […]

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My power source

In the previous section we heard that like Paul, we must go all out to share the Gospel. Like an athlete goes all out to win a race, we must use all our energy to make a difference wherever we go. The question is: How do we do this? Even Paul couldn’t do it all […]

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Too busy for Jesus

Paul was concerned about the young Christians in Philippi. Someone had to go and see them. I can imagine him wondering: Who can I send to Philippi? Letters won’t do the trick. Someone will have to go there. Immediately Timothy comes to mind. Timothy’s heart was right. Jesus’ message of salvation was engraved on his […]

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Meaningful time

Ephesians 5:6-18 At one stage I watched movies so often it seemed I was afraid they would go out of fashion. Any movie. Didn’t matter how old or how bad, every evening found me in front of the TV. And my problem was I couldn’t stop halfway. And by the time the movie actually ended […]

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The time is right

Click here to go to the Scripture: 2 Corinthians 6:1-13 Don’t you think that it is funny how we always want to start new things on a Monday? What’s so magical about Monday? When you struggle to get into your new pair of pants the writing is on the wall, in bold letters: You have […]

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