God's word in today's world


Exclusively for your partner

A man phoned me, in tears. His wife was caught in another man’s arms. How could they do it? All that was beautiful between them, all those special moments? someone took a big black pen and drew a line through all that was beautiful! A man, owner of a big business, phoned me. He didn’t […]

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For sale, for free

With his crucifixion, Jesus opened a shop with loads of brand new clothes in every town. Anyone could enter and exchange his or her dirty clothes. As you enter, you pass a lovely burning fire. You can throw your old clothes into the fire where they burn to a cinder together with all traces of […]

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All you need

We don’t have the skills to walk through life on our own. Just look at our track record, it doesn’t look good. See the myriad wrong choices we have made already; the many broken relationships left behind; the many bodies left for dead. We made most of these mistakes on our own. We thought we […]

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To really know Jesus

Philippians 3:4-11 When teenagers fall in love, they can talk for hours and they simply can’t get enough of each other. It’s as if everything else have become so much less important. They want to spend every available minute together. I think back on the time when that happened to my wife and me. We […]

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To stand second in the relationship line

Ephesians 5:21-33 Paul gives the Ephesians good advice. First, he identified and addressed all those wrong roads which they took so often. Now he focuses on marriage, the most important cornerstone of society. One that is taking a massive beating in our time. Paul knows how important it is to a healthy society and gives […]

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