God's word in today's world


God’s word is super powerful

(Many of us have a lot of uncertainties about the COVID 19 vaccination. I cannot tell you what to do, because it is everyone’s personal choice. But here is a good article (click here) to help you make a responsible choice. May God help us to make the right choice.) One will never know how […]

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The Holy Spirit and two small brown shoes

Are you a mess? Do you struggle to remain standing? Do you simply have no answers to all the questions? Does life feel too hard and your strength too weak? Then it’s time for reinforcements. 7God doesn’t want us to be shy with his gifts, but bold and loving and sensible. He makes us strong […]

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Just do it!

Paul was a very interesting character. He was one of those people who lived at full speed. When he was a soldier, he took his job very seriously and left no stone unturned to find and imprison Christians. The same was true of his life after he repented. He gave his all to do everything […]

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Just do it

Once a week I go walking with a pal early in the morning. He was wondering what his gift was. I said I knew what mine was. To write. I’ve never even attended a one-day writing course. I just write. When I sit down to write, I don’t even think about the climax. I don’t […]

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Jesus and God together are a mean team

Recently I’ve been so amazed by the Bible, the Word of God. If it were the words of humans, it would no longer have existed. Other people would’ve explained what it meant and the words wouldn’t have had any meaning for others any more. But because God Himself was the Author, the words of the […]

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Under whose control?

Who has power over you? Who controls you? Who are you are afraid of? The one that says jump and you ask immediately how high? I suspect a few men would softly say that one person is their wife. No, that’s just a joke! Without realizing it, many of us are in the power of […]

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To charge flat batteries

Philippians 4:10-20 One thing that realy irritates me is when I sit down on the couch, pick up the remote to switch on the TV, and nothing happens when I press the buttons. Usually I then push them even harder, as if I want to push them right through the remote, but nothing happens …. […]

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Wonderful orange generators

Really, Eskom, one has to be extremely patient working with you. But my patience is wearing thin by now! My work, like that of many other South Africans, come to a stop when there is no power in the wires. But there is no time for sitting back and relaxing. One more interruption of the […]

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Plugged into the backup generator

Click here to go to the Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3:4-17 In South Africa we recently got to know all about power failures. Eskom’s planning has gone off track a bit and therefore there sometimes simply is not enough power at times. Then we have to use candles and gas stoves. However, some people and businesses […]

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