God's word in today's world


A cup of coffee on life

If you are alive, chances are good that life will throw you a curve ball or sometimes even more than that. And being a child of God does not necessarily mean that you will always catch those curve balls. On the contrary. So the question is not whether life will throw us curve balls, because […]

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Enough gifts for others

Verse 7 says: Out of the generosity of Christ, each of us is given his own gift.  We not only receive different gifts, the gifts we do receive also differ in size. And as human nature dictates, there have been many many fights about these different sizes and soon jealousy rears its ugly head, because […]

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Medically speaking…

A friend of ours is walking a very hard road. Twelve years ago a malignant tumour was discovered in her brain. The tumour returned, but was removed with treatment and operations. The doctors couldn’t believe that she was still alive. Indeed a miracle. Last week she had to go for tests again and it was […]

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See, do, carry = love

The world will be a completely different place if every child of God simply does his or her bit. But sadly the world is what it is because most children of God do not really know what to do or what their gift is. Maybe they’re looking too deep and too far. Maybe they think […]

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On your toes

A witness: I was alone in my car in the driveway at home when I was hijacked by two men. They pressed a firearm against my head. They wanted to take me with them. I closed my eyes, prayed quickly and asked: O Lord, what can I do? I was so afraid. My husband was […]

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