God's word in today's world


Look up to one another

I’m putting myself out there now and may get a beating, but read till the end. Maybe we can meet one another halfway. The man is head of the family and wives must be 5… obedient to their husbands (Living Bible). Many people don’t like this. I don’t like it either and I suspect it’s […]

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For the married ones

A grandson said to his grandpa: “Grandpa, you’ve been married to grandma for a very long time. It must be nice to share your life with one person for so long?” Grandpa stared into the distance, as if he was seeing a video of his marriage run across his mind. Eventually grandpa said softly: “Yes, […]

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A marriage for two 2 ≠ 3

I wonder why people cross the boundaries of a marriage. Is it because it has become boring and the excitement on the other side of the fence has just become too much fun? Does the destruction that is wrought on this side have no impact on decisions? I don’t know if there are any winners […]

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Marriage is precious. Or not?

The world’s idea of the institution of marriage is completely different from God’s idea. In reality, there are no more boundaries anymore. Even dotted lines showing the boundaries of marriage have become blurred and are no longer clear enough to keep two people inside and others out. I suspect it starts with our children who […]

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Exclusively for your partner

A man phoned me, in tears. His wife was caught in another man’s arms. How could they do it? All that was beautiful between them, all those special moments? someone took a big black pen and drew a line through all that was beautiful! A man, owner of a big business, phoned me. He didn’t […]

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Roles in the home

Ever heard the joke about the long queue at the pearly gates at the sign saying, “Husbands of wives who wore the pants at home”? At the sign saying, “Husbands whose wives did not wear the pants”, there was only one man. Peter was fascinated by how this guy succeeded in doing this and went […]

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God is the glue

Ephesians 5:21-33 The relationship between parent and child is very special. I always say my children made me more human. They give more value to my life. Without children I would’ve missed out on a lot. When a man and a woman marry their relationship is valued more than that between parents and children. 31And […]

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To stand second in the relationship line

Ephesians 5:21-33 Paul gives the Ephesians good advice. First, he identified and addressed all those wrong roads which they took so often. Now he focuses on marriage, the most important cornerstone of society. One that is taking a massive beating in our time. Paul knows how important it is to a healthy society and gives […]

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