God's word in today's world


No more fog

When I was a student, I used to drive the Intercape buses. I would leave Cape Town at eight in the evening to reach Port Elizabeth at six o’clock the next morning. That evening we would leave Port Elizabeth at eight to reach Cape Town early the next morning. That’s how I spent every day […]

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In the light, on our knees

Pieter told me about his time working for an organisation where not everything was run above board: You are blindfolded and led into a lodge where your heart’s desire to see light is granted to you. Then you are introduced to three great lights, namely the sun that reigns over day, the moon over night, […]

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A vagrant’s story of light

I am 58 years old. My life has taken a wrong turn. Altogether my own fault. It’s not easy to start from the beginning, right from the bottom, so you have to have real strong muscles to get that right, but God in you can do it. My poor decisions made me literally end up […]

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Like a Jack Russell

Philippians 2:12-17 A friend of mine is with CBMC, a Christian business group that meets weekly, helping one another to live closer to the Lord in the business world where things are not always being easy as well. But they do not only grow inwards. They believe that every member is responsible for spreading the […]

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Lights on

Philippians 2:12-17 Most people who do not know God often do not have fine qualities. Love is missing from their foundation and their actions are often characterized by a lack of love. On the contrary – some of them even hate those who love and want to bring them down. Others look at Christians through […]

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Happiness does not go with scheming in the dark     

Ephesians 5:6-18 A friend of mine is always unhappy. One mishap after the other befalls him. At one time he nearly lost everything. Although he is now doing well financially, he is very lonely. His friends hang around, but when they leave there is a deep loneliness inside him. He comes to see me, close […]

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People of the dark not unplugged

There is a continuous struggle between light and dark in the world and it seems as if the dark is winning. Just look at the TV news one evening or take the newspaper and make two columns. In one column list all the dark stories and in the other stories about light. You and I […]

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