God's word in today's world


With Jesus on the cross

In order to understand this part we have to keep in mind that the Jews of old did not believe that all people were sinners. They believed that only those people who did live strictly according to the law were sinners. Paul wanted to explain to them that no one is acquitted on the basis […]

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No catch

For many people the gospel is simply too simple. They want to know what the catch is. Many of us get calls from people promising you the moon and stars, just to be told at the end of the conversation that you first need to pay a lot of money. It sounds so good, but […]

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Who is stealing from you?

Everywhere I go it feels as if someone is taking something that doesn’t belong to him. Once when I was still working at the factory, I got the impression that the small screws were being used up really quickly. After looking into it, I discovered that every day after a supervisor had pulled screws from […]

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Love, peace, joy – no pie in the sky

Paul concluded his letter to the people of Corinth with a wish. He wished them joy and he wished them a lot of peace and real love: 11 And that’s about it, friends. Be cheerful. Keep things in good repair. Keep your spirits up. Think in harmony. Be agreeable. Do all that, and the God […]

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After sadness comes joy

It’s not easy being admonished for doing wrong. When someone confronts me, everything in me kicks into defence mode and I defend myself to the utmost. You too? I wonder why we behave like this. Maybe the fear that others will see that we’re not as perfect as we pretend to be, or maybe we […]

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