God's word in today's world


In the light, on our knees

Pieter told me about his time working for an organisation where not everything was run above board: You are blindfolded and led into a lodge where your heart’s desire to see light is granted to you. Then you are introduced to three great lights, namely the sun that reigns over day, the moon over night, […]

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All above board

5We never used words to butter you up. No one knows that better than you. And God knows we never used words as a smoke screen to take advantage of you. Why is it always so hard to say out loud what I believe and what I stand for, especially when some of my friends […]

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The strong belt of truth

Ephesians 6:10-20 The year I spent on the border doing military service was fortunately one of the quieter times with little contact with the enemy. However, I was never afraid, because I was a ratel (an armoured vehicle) gunner. We were ready for battle with the right weapons and right protective vehicle. In the same […]

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Happiness does not go with scheming in the dark     

Ephesians 5:6-18 A friend of mine is always unhappy. One mishap after the other befalls him. At one time he nearly lost everything. Although he is now doing well financially, he is very lonely. His friends hang around, but when they leave there is a deep loneliness inside him. He comes to see me, close […]

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Between a bribe and a lead

Ephesians 5:6-18 It’s not always easy to distinguish between right and sort-of just left of right. Teenagers often do not understand what is wrong about downloading a song from YouTube. It’s not stealing. Everybody does it. What’s wrong with doing it? Sometimes I like being a couch potato, just sitting there mindlessly watching an action […]

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First a crumb, then the whole cookie

I saw a very good short film that started off with a man who was working on his own late at night making photo copies. One page came out of the photo copier with a big black spot on it nearly covering the whole page. The man, let’s call him Frank, was confused by the […]

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Sealed with a handshake

The money that had been collected in Corinth had to be taken to its destination. The money was handled very carefully. Paul and the others did everything possible to ensure that the money reached its destination safely and that nobody could suspect them of taking some. 19… The churches handpicked him to go with us […]

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Another 20c for the truth

My mother was an exceptional woman. She brought up six boisterous children. Sundays in church she sat stock still, not moving an inch, although she had to keep all six of us in check, because she was the pastor’s wife, you know. One thing about her that I will never forget was her 110% honesty. […]

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