God's word in today's world


When the going gets tough

Billy Ocean sang a song, When the going gets tough, the tough get going. I always wondered about the meaning, and checked it out in the dictionary: When conditions become difficult, strong people take action. When life gets difficult, some people get up and face it head on. Yes, there are people who simply do […]

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Keep on smiling

We’re going to talk about giving for a while. Paul tried to encourage the people of Corinth to be generous towards those who were less fortunate. To convey this message he used the congregation of Macedonia as an example. They were a remarkable group of people, because even though things weren’t going well for them, […]

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Frayed at the ends

The circumstances in which we find ourselves have a significant impact on us. Sometimes those circumstances are so bad that you feel there is absolutely no way out. Paul was in a black hole. He knew the circumstances in Corinth were not good for Christians. There was fighting amongst them as well as opposition from […]

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Why do bad things happen to good people?

James 1:12-18 After the flood of comments on Wednesday about all the hardship we suffer and also because of suffering by loved ones around me this past week, I post this piece that I wrote a year or two ago. Yesterday our domestic worker phoned hysterically: her house had burned down. We rushed there. The […]

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