God's word in today's world


Jesus knows

Sandra (not her real name) has been coming to me for support for some time now. Someone warned her that her husband was raping her little girl. It’s a hard battle and even she had to testify. This week I’ve been under cross-examination for two days about my actions “to steal” my child from the […]

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God is thinking about you

Sometimes in your life there comes a season when nothing is working out. Recently, I was spending many hours every day on the layout of my new book. I was learning to use a new programme, but with all the struggling I got to know it and made good progress. Until the programme started crashing […]

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The beauty around us

Ansie writes: I struggle and grapple with a lot of things. In his immense grace God has put an end to many. I can laugh again and I enjoy every day. I feel as if I’m living a second life. I have tried to commit suicide. Through God’s grace I lived to raise the five […]

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Hold on

Ann emailed me after I wrote about a friend’s four-month old baby’s cot death: Our daughter died in February – she was 27 years old. I feel for these people who lost their baby – there are no words for that – no words of consolation, but what we do understand is that we cannot […]

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Problem? Pray for faith.

We know by now that Paul and the others suffered a lot while they were spreading the news about Jesus Christ for the first time. They didn’t have it easy at all, but they prayed to God for help. And God helped them by strengthening their faith: 2… We had just been given rough treatment […]

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Called up in hard times too

Looking at this scripture again, I think back on an event from my days in the business world. One day I had to go to the CCMA. The union had summonsed me for some ridiculous matter. Therefore, I had to go and talk to total strangers about the things my own people did. I didn’t […]

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God’s plan in me is hard

While Paul was in prison he wrote this letter to the Ephesians. They were actually the reason why he was imprisoned. 1This is why I, Paul, am in jail for Christ, having taken up the cause of you outsiders, so-called. Nothing could prevent Paul from proclaming the Gospel. Even here in prison he makes a […]

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