God's word in today's world


Doesn’t matter if I die

Philippians 1:19-26 20… regardless of whether I live or die, said Paulus. A simple sentence, but saying so much. It takes my breath away and a few questions keeps running through my head over and over again: Am I prepared to do the same? Am I prepared to keep on making a difference in people’s […]

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The least is called

Paul was a big man. He turned the world around for God. With everything in him he believed that Jesus’ message of salvation had to be spread to all the nations and that is why he left no stone unturned. Therefore, nothing got in his way. Even though he was often threatened, even thrown in […]

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User driven gospel

I am very often speechless when I see how powerfully God works. Not only in the past, but in the present as well. Just look at the amazing growth of Kruispad. This clearly shows the Holy Spirit at work. We started in 2010 with 300 people whose e-mail addresses one way or another flew through […]

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Wonderlike oranje kragopwekkers

Ai, Eskom, met julle moet ’n mens wraggies hare op jou tande hê. Inteendeel, ek moes myne al ’n paar keer laat knip! My werk, soos baie ander Suid-Afrikaners staan botstil as daar nie krag in die drade is nie en vir handjies gevou sit is daar nie tyd nie. Toe daar nóg ’n kragonderbreking […]

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Wonderful orange generators

Really, Eskom, one has to be extremely patient working with you. But my patience is wearing thin by now! My work, like that of many other South Africans, come to a stop when there is no power in the wires. But there is no time for sitting back and relaxing. One more interruption of the […]

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