God's word in today's world


Advanced forgiveness

I get goosebumps over my whole body as I listen to Elana’s (not her real name) story: My husband and I were married for almost 30 years when my daughter discovered that my husband was planning to marry another woman. While we were still married! Shortly after that I found out that the cancer in […]

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I learnt a big lesson about forgiveness from Tertia (not her real name): Three years ago, I met some people. I am so grateful that with grace from Above, I could guide them to make a choice for Jesus. A close and loving relationship developed between us. They became like my own children. Inexplicably, the […]

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The stump and the splinter

Jesus tells of the man who owed the king R20 million. The man was bankrupt and couldn’t repay the money. The king wanted to throw him in jail, but he begged and begged, and the king’s heart softened towards him and he wrote off all his debt. (Maybe I should go and tell this story […]

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To hate or not

Sometimes you have things in your life that hold you back. Some of these drain your energy to such an extent that you cannot enjoy life fully. Sometimes these are things we do to ourselves. Sometimes these are things other people have done to us. Usually it’s the latter that fills our hearts with hatred. […]

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Without baggage

There wasn’t much hope left after man fell into sin. Sin caused hostility between God and man. As a result, man was destined for eternal fire. It’s still the same today. Sin is still all around us. We’re attached and tempted to do what is wrong around every corner. Just take this example. How quickly […]

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With blood streaming from her body and being only 20% alive, she shouts as he leaves: I forgive you!

WARNING: NOT FOR SENSITIVE READERS On Tuesday, I received this moving testimony from Estelle du Plooy and I share it with her permission: Half past eight that morning our gardener asked me for some food. As usual I gave him a plate of good food and a mug of coffee. He sat down on the […]

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Part of God’s plan

Ephesians 5:1-5 Sometimes things happen in your life that push you down between the floor and the polish. Sometimes problems rain down on you one after the other making you feel as if you’re simply not good enough. Yes, at times circumstances make me so blue that I don’t think much of myself. I nearly […]

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