God's word in today's world


What do other believers say about your work?

The message is simple: We must do our work 100%. Nobody must be able to point a finger in our direction. Christians must show others how to really work. We know about the extra mile that has to be walked, but who’s first at the door when the clock strikes five? Who spends the most […]

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By our way of doing

I heard a report on the radio about the IT world where it was found that South Africans were among the rudest people on digital platforms. I could hardly believe it. So, I Googled it and it was true! The study was done by Microsoft’s digital civility division. South Africa came 22nd out of 23 […]

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Walk the straight path

People keep a close eye on the children of God. When it looks as if they’re deviating just one millimeter from the straight and narrow, people start lifting the finger to point it out. That’s just how people are. Sometimes Christians discuss other Christians’ mistakes in detail, talking about how they couldn’t fail to step […]

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The stories others tell about you

(Those of you that have or know teenagers, please remember to ask them to complete the questionnaire on the new teen-crossroad, Roadtrip 247, at http://roadtrip247.com/form/. One lucky teenager will win R500!) In the radio program Monitor on RSG politicians pay tribute to Van Zyl Slabbert, past leader of the PFP. Many people respected him. One […]

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Do you attract or repulse?

As the week comes to an end, my wife and I agree not to invite anybody. This weekend we’ll have a relaxing family weekend, and load our batteries. But by late afternoon Friday, we’re having withdrawal symptoms and start looking around for a good get-together or a braai at home or with friends. Or the […]

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Take courage

Sometimes Paul’s imprisonment became too much for him. Sometimes he was uncertain and wondered if everything was worth it. Sometimes his mood was really, really low. But other times he had courage to go on: 14… most of the followers of Jesus here have become far more sure of themselves in the faith than ever, […]

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Painting pictures

Ephesians 6:1-9 I was not the sharpest pencil at school. At University I was able to cram my three-year BA into five years. I suspect I have ADHD, because I have a poor understanding of what concentration means. This is one of the reasons why I write while reading the Bible, because otherwise what I […]

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Sealed with a handshake

The money that had been collected in Corinth had to be taken to its destination. The money was handled very carefully. Paul and the others did everything possible to ensure that the money reached its destination safely and that nobody could suspect them of taking some. 19… The churches handpicked him to go with us […]

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