God's word in today's world


Jesus is in control. Thank goodness!

Sometimes it’s good to take some time to concentrate on who Jesus is. When we look at Jesus, we look through the lens of the crucifixion, resurrection and forgiveness of sin. This is understandable, because these were such life-giving events in the lives of all of us who are sinners that we tend to restrict […]

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Under whose control?

Who has power over you? Who controls you? Who are you are afraid of? The one that says jump and you ask immediately how high? I suspect a few men would softly say that one person is their wife. No, that’s just a joke! Without realizing it, many of us are in the power of […]

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Like the brakes on a bus

Ephesians 5:6-18 When I was a student I was a bus driver for Intercape. I really enjoyed it and the R50 a day that I earned then was quite a good salary for the time. Something the owner, Johan Ferreira, was very serious about, was safety. The buses were big and fast and a small […]

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Too much

Ephesians 5:6-18 Some sins aren’t sins until you use too much of it or do too much of it. I suspect if you put the words “too much” in the same sentence it changes into sin. Say, for example, with wine. I still remember the time when I worked as a farm manager on a […]

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