God's word in today's world


Taking a turnoff

When I look back on my life, I see where I turned off when I shouldn’t have. Some happened by accident, while others were conscious decisions. Those turnoffs weren’t within God’s will for my life. Fortunately, I turned back from most of those turnoffs. On others I stayed far too long and the consequences hurt. […]

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Take a firm stand!

It’s winter in the Cape. Although it’s not raining as much as before, a cold front still passes by now and then. The fierce winds shake the trees around and I know when daylight comes it will look chaotic outside. That could be a picture of our lives. Sometimes the storm winds are so bad […]

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Too used to the things of God

Life can so easily become routine. Things so easily become ordinary. We get used to the sun coming up every morning, because it’s been happening for the past million years. We grow used to getting up every day and doing the same things day after day without realising what a privilege it is. We grow […]

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To meet the author of the Bible

Sometimes it feels as if there are as many opinions about the Bible as there are people on earth. People quote truths from the Bible that makes me wonder where they found it, because it is often the opposite of what I had read. I know we should allow one another space, because each of […]

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You may be the only Bible

Whether you like it or not, people are watching you. I don’t know why, but people are sitting with their magnifying glasses just looking for that place where you stepped outside the line of the playing field. Then it’s broadcast to all and sundry. I’m with a friend in his office. His business has taken […]

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Know your Bible, or lose the war

Ephesians 6:10-20 Paul used an image very familiar to the people of Ephesus to explain to them how they had to prepare themselves for the spiritual war that they and we too, of course, have to fight every day. The image he used was that of a Greek soldier’s armour. ·       Without a proper belt […]

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With the motor under your arm

I suspect I’m kind of a petrol head. Now and then I will sit glued to the box watching awestruck as they transform an old crock into a brand new flag ship vehicle. From crock to long, sleek, shiny car. When the owner sees it for the first time, his jaw nearly hits the ground. […]

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