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Stumbling faith

The Colossians’ faith was something special, an example even for Paul: 5I am delighted to hear of the careful and orderly ways you conduct your affairs, and impressed with the solid substance of your faith in Christ.

Even though things weren’t going that well for them, even though they were by far in the minority, even though they were sometimes persecuted simply for believing in Jesus, they did not turn their backs on Jesus. Nothing they had to face could steal their faith in God.

But what do we do? Some of us need to hang our heads in shame, because sometimes something happens and we struggle. Our faith stumbles. When the chaos in our country comes knocking on the door, when sickness suddenly appears, when our finances look lousy, our faith takes a tumble.

Does this sound familiar?

I learn a lot from Anna:

Two years and four months ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I had chemo and was clean.

Last week they told me the cancer was back in my liver.

All I prayed for was peace and believe you me, that was what I got. I’m at peace with whatever lies ahead, the coming operation and then again chemo.

He is still my potter and his clay is strong and made with such love that even if I fall, He will put me back together again, piece by piece, until I’m fully healed and more beautiful than before, because you see, He doesn’t make mistakes.

I refuse to go and sit in a corner somewhere feeling sorry for myself, because there is so much to live for!

I believe!

Just like with the Colossians,  nothing can steal Anna’s faith.

However, many times our lives are like the story told in the apocryphal books of Peter:

Jesus’ followers were badly persecuted after Pentecost. Peter is trying to make a plan to escape from the city for his own safety. As he creeps down a back alley, he bumps into Jesus carrying the cross on his shoulders. Dazed and confused he asks: Lord, what are You doing? Didn’t You ascend? And Jesus responds: Yes, Peter, but you don’t seem to believe that. Now I have to be crucified again … for you.

Yes, every time our faith stumbles, it’s as if Jesus have to die on the cross again.

It’s not necessary for Jesus to die again and again and again. Once was enough. Believe it. Live it.  Make sure that your faith won’t stumble, no matter the size of the crisis!




Does your faith stumbles sometimes?

What can you do differently that will keep your faith upright?


Jesus, thank you for what You did for us. I’m so sorry that my faith is often so shaky, especially when the waves are high. Please help me to keep my faith steadfast. Amen.

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