God's word in today's world

The strong belt of truth

Ephesians 6:10-20

The year I spent on the border doing military service was fortunately one of the quieter times with little contact with the enemy. However, I was never afraid, because I was a ratel (an armoured vehicle) gunner. We were ready for battle with the right weapons and right protective vehicle.

In the same way you have to be ready for the battle against the devil. We must dress ourselves in the correct armour to protect ourselves against his attacks. Paul starts in the middle: 14But to do this, you will need the strong belt of truth …

The belt usually keeps everything else in place. Loosen the belt and everything starts slipping and falls apart. The belt keeping our armour together is the truth.

The truth is the starting point for everything. If everything you do does not reflect the truth, your foundation was constructed incorrectly and you will not be able to build a house that is strong enough to keep standing against the elements.

Always walk the straight road. Always the well-lit road and avoid the dark tracks. First, hold on to the truth.

What is the truth? Jesus provides the answer when He says: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” The war for which Paul prepares us is not about the armour. It’s not even about us; it is all about Jesus. Jesus must have the glory.

However, Jesus also says that He is the cornerstone, the foundation. Therefore, we know that we must base our whole life as well as the daily fight against satan on Jesus, because otherwise it will have no use. Without Jesus, the basis of our armour, everything falls apart.

It’s nice to hear and most of us know that we have to put on Jesus’ belt of truth every day, but what does it mean? How will we succeed in doing it today and tomorrow and every day after that?

Every morning when we get up we should renew our promise to do and follow only what is true. If we are negative all the time, we’ll start feeling negative and no matter what the others say, we remain negative. That is so.

That is why we should rather concentrate on the positive and on the truth. Jesus is the way and the truth. He is the foundation of our lives. Then we’ll get up positive and live positively.

But more than that. In any situation when we have to make a decision, however small, we must ensure that only the truth prevails. If you are unsure about the situation, uncertain about your decision, leave it alone. Listen to what is being said here. if you are uncomfortable about what is going on, if you are getting involved in long discussions to determine whether it is right or wrong, chances are better that it is wrong.

I repeat, rather leave it or go to someone outside the situation, someone you can trust. Do everything above board. Do the honest thing. Do the everything above board thing. If the truth prevails, you will know and feel it immediately. Vote for the truth. Pursue the truth.

Make sure that the truth is the foundation for all your decisions! Then you will come out victorious in this fight!


Where are the grey areas in your life?

Can you make this right?

Do you live for the truth, the whole truth?


Lord, there are so many grey areas in the world and it is so easy to be caught up in it and bend the truth a little. Please help us to wear the truth like a belt around our hips. Amen

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