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In October 1979 I saw in a dream how God came on the clouds and took some of my loved ones with Him up to heaven, but I stayed behind and ran after them, shouting, “What about me, Lord? You forgot about me.” I will never forget the voice that told me, “Go away, I do not know you.”

I woke up and was very upset. I woke my husband and told him about the dream. He said, “Forget about it.” I could not forget it, though, and prayed that the Lord will give me surety, since I gave my heart to the Lord many times in my young life. Someone who worked with me approached me the next week and invited me to a prayer group. I planned my little prayer, because I could never pray in front of others. When it was my turn, I forgot my prayer and just started crying.

My friend put her arms around me and invited me to her church. That Sunday night, the preacher preached about the return of God and I relived the dream. I could not wait for the invitation at the end of the service to go to the front and make things right with the Lord. That night I was born again.

I could not stop smiling and told everyone about the wonderful thing that happened to me. I was baptised shortly after that and baptised in my inner chamber with the Holy Spirit. I prayed in tongues for more than two hours. What a precious time it was!

Shortly afterward we moved to a farm in Ngome, Kwazulu-Natal. My husband appointed a Zulu lay preacher to start each morning with a Scripture and prayer. I picked up in my spirit that there is resistance and prayed about it.

No one could speak Afrikaans or English. I told my husband that the Lord gave me a message in Zulu, so my husband told the pastor that I would like to say something. When I took the Bible, I knew that I had to read John 1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. And the Word became flesh and came to live with us. I opened the Zulu Bible at the right place and read in Zulu fluently up to a point and no further. I only knew that it was God who spoke to our nation that morning.

When I closed the Bible, uncertainty came over me for a moment, but when I opened my mouth, God’s message poured from my mouth in pure Zulu. Everyone gave their hearts to the Lord that morning. Praise the Lord.

Shortly after that I was bitten by a widow spider. My husband hurried with me to the closest emergency hospital which is about 30 minutes from the farm. While we were driving, lameness set in. I stopped breathing and for several seconds I had no pulse. The next thing I was aware of, was a bright light and Someone breathing air into my lungs. The most wonderful peace and the feeling that I could breathe freely.

Then the machines that were connected to me started making a noise and the Matron said, There are a heartbeat and a pulse. I felt something like pins and needles through my whole body. About an hour later I walked out and nothing was wrong. Seven times my life has been in danger and every time God stepped in and supernaturally and miraculously saved me. I started a Word group in the nearest town and held women’s camps where the Lord has worked miraculously.

On 23 Feb 2000 my husband was in a coma for ten days after a serious accident with a brain injury. He had to learn how to eat, speak and walk all over again. We were in business with my brother and while my husband was in a coma, my brother sold the farm and all the businesses and went overseas. I could not understand why all of this was happening to us. One thing I did know: God is capable of letting everything work together for the good and that He is still in control.

I had to become the breadwinner and got a good job. I went through a period of bad depression, but one Easter weekend I woke up with Isaiah 61 in my spirit. That morning I had a hill top meeting with the Lord. I received a new language, much more powerful than before and with such a boldness that I asked for a double portion like Elisha did. I received everything and God transformed my spirit, soul and body.

Suddenly I understood that I was refined by the fire and that I had a calling. I lived to pray for the sick, to share the Gospel and to encourage people. Courses at church empowered me for full time service.

People know me as “The woman of God”. I share with several people on a daily basis about leadership on different platforms. Every day the Lord provides seed and bread to share and the more I share, the more I receive. The Word is my most precious possession. I think Word, speak Word, confess Word and pray Word. Every day is an exceptional day, full of miracles!

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