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Your bill has been settled

I would like to tell you how someone else, just at the right time, redirected my focus to Jesus. Two weeks ago, my husband and I took my mom for breakfast to celebrate her birthday. My husband was in a bit of hurry and had to leave just after having eaten. My mom and I could still enjoy some time together. When I asked for the bill, the waiter told me that it had been settled. I couldn’t understand it. Who would do such a thing? Then I heard the voice of Jesus saying: I’ve paid your bill … years ago on the cross. Just accept my love for you. All my promises in the Bible are for you. Trust in Me.

I realised how much we always worry instead of trusting Jesus. And I thought it must’ve been my husband who had paid my restaurant bill and called him up to thank him. But he said it wasn’t him. Unbelievingly, I asked the waiter again if he was sure that it was my bill that had been paid. He said yes. It was a woman who had sat on the other side of the restaurant who had settled my bill – I didn’t know her at all and I’ve never seen her before. She not only paid my breakfast bill; she also redirected my focus back to Jesus. All glory and honor to Him.


Colossians 2:14  All sins forgiven, the slate wiped clean, that old arrest warrant cancelled and nailed to Christ’s cross.

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