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Under His provision

I grew up in the city, a meek child – wasn’t wild at all. After matric in 2000 I immediately got a job (there were no funds for further studies and I didn’t get matric exemption). At the age of 21 I thought I met the love of my life but after having been abused for 8 years in marriage and having had three beautiful children, I ended the marriage. I returned home without knowing how to get on my feet again until my mother told me that she used to carry us on her knees but now it is time for me myself to seek my answers on my knees. That way I drew closer to the Lord but He wasn’t really part of my decision making.

Actually followed my own head. Got a job again but not enough to get us on our feet again – just enough for the bare necessities and to help my mother in the house. While the divorce was still in process a huge disaster struck. I lost my mother and my mainstay (My father died in 2009). My children started to panic and me as well, but I tried not to show it, because I didn’t know who will take the children to school and how will I make ends meet.

At my mother’s funeral and during the following week everybody kept on asking… How are you going to survive? Where are you and the children going to stay? Who is going to look after you? All I could say was that the Lord will provide… and this He did since day one.

Within three months, with many angels on my path, I could stay in our house, I got my driver’s licence so that I could buy my mother’s car as well as a job that paid sufficient for me to cover all our expenses. It now is a little more than two years since I walked out and it gets better by the day. My relationship with the Lord improved 100%. I live closer to Him than ever before.

When we have faith and genuine trust He makes it so much easier to handle our problems. I know sometimes we have little trust and we doubt a great deal, but as soon as we truly surrender the problem to Him, everything improves and we can handle things better.


Psalm 27:10

Even if my mother and father leave me, the LORD will take me in.

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