God's word in today's world

Too rushed

My husband and I were in a car accident involving three cars. My car was written off. My breast plate was fractured and I got a slight concussion. My husband’s knees were injured and he also suffered from a concussion.

I’ve been a bit of a Schumacher all my life. My car has been written off. I’m a fast but capable driver and the Lord has been good to me and I haven’t been in an accident before.

Then the other day I speedily reversed right into a pole. R34 000 damage to my husband’s car. That got me thinking … many pedestrians use our pavement … if I killed somebody, I would have been sent to jail. I thanked the Lord for the warning. I started to drive slower.

Then one day I went for a drive with my car (Toyota Corolla 1.3 – my Ferrari), driving slowly.

At the traffic lights I stopped behind a car. Then another car came up behind me at an extremely high speed. It collided with me and bumped me into the car in front of me even though there was quite a large gap between us.

I then asked the Lord: “Why now, Lord? What do you want to tell me this time? I really loved my car, the love of my life! My car with almost 400 000km on the clock. My car which would have turned 19 years old this year? My car that never gave me any problems!

I got no answer. At night I tossed and turned and asked: “Why, Lord? Please tell me!” And He answered: “Your life is so rushed. Calm down and get quiet and spend some time with Me. Give Me the love you had for your car…”

Isn’t it special how the Lord uses everyday events to talk to us!


John 10:27

My sheep recognize my voice. I know them, and they follow me.


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