God's word in today's world

The Lord will sustain you.

I have a testimony of what happened to me and my deceased wife. My deceased wife’s (Karin) father was laying on his deathbed. Now Karin was very close to her father and that night her father past away. Karin was very upset and said there is no God, which shocked me. All kinds of things started to go wrong with us. First thing Karin wanted to leave me for my best friend. After a year of pain and praying she turned back to our family (myself and our three daughters). Then she got involved in drugs. Then she tried to pull me in to but I kept on praying. Then she got sick with TB but she didn’t stick to her medication and she landed up in hospital.

A couple of ladies from a church were doing hospital visiting. They visited her and prayed for her and that very day Karin turned to Jesus. Karin was released from hospital. She lived for Jesus but the TB was still with her. They sent her to a TB hospital while she was there. She would hold bible study with some of the patient’s. Karin was in the TB hospital for three months – then the unexpected happened: She passed away.

I was left with my three daughters but God did not forget about me. He made sure that I would not struggle. People brought me hot meals. My food cupboards were empty but a friend brought me grocery which filled my cupboards and money came in from all over. God blessed me over and over. God is good all the time. I still have one daughter in matric and the other two are out the house. Not forgetting God put an awesome lady in my life which I got married to. I pray that my testimony will inspire somebody. All praises go to my Saviour Jesus.


Psalm 55:23

Cast your burden on the LORD, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.


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