God's word in today's world

The light above me

My husband and I have been married for 49 years when he was taken away from me.  He suffered a year and three months from cancer.

He suffered a lot. Seeing his misery I felt very sorry for him. I mourned while he was still alive. He never saw me crying because I did not want to upset him.

I more than once asked the Lord to come and fetch him. He asked himself to rather be delivered, because he later on couldn’t bear it any more.

He was admitted to hospital. He lived of jelly and custard. Nothing else wanted to keep inside so he couldn’t eat any other food.

My children and I are very grateful for the way that he was taken away. Quietly and peacefully he closed his eyes and breathed less and less. It felt as if a mountain rolled off my shoulders. Some people will criticise me for feeling this way but I think the Holy Spirit took hold of me. Love overcomes the pain of death. This has been almost 3 years ago and still the Lord is on my side every day.

Job 29:3

God’s light shined above me, so I could walk through the darkness.

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