God's word in today's world

Sometimes we get lost

My husband went to hospital a while ago. He only went into theatre around 4 o’clock the afternoon. I went home and decided to pay him a visit that evening. Although I have been driving for 40 years, I do develop night blindness. I actually only had to use the well-lit highway for 5 kilometers.

However, when I left the hospital it rained buckets full. Outside the hospital terrain I took a wrong turn, only to realise this too late. I was lost and tried to find well-lit roads.

At some stage I realised that I was on the wrong road. I turned around and took the road which indicated to town. The street lights were all out and even the traffic lights were not functioning. It rained even harder and I realised that I was driving between shacks.

I couldn’t even phone somebody to help me because I didn’t know where I was. At the next T-junction I turned left and struggled forwards. I saw a sign indicating that I was in a dangerous area. I stopped at the first petrol station thinking to ask for the right way. Only taxis stopped there and the drivers filled the tanks themselves.

They strangely stared at me because driving woman alone at nine in the evening in that area was very dangerous. I started praying out loud.  “Please take over this ride.” I decided to rather drive on and found another petrol station with an assistant 200m away. I asked him for the right way.

His hand raised and his finger pointed to the road right behind me. As I drove along the road I recognised certain buildings. I arrived home only after ten that night.

This made me think. Sometimes in life we lose our way and I pray: “Father, please take control of my life.”


Psalm 119:105

Your word is like a lamp that guides my steps, a light that shows the path I should take.

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