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Second chances

I’ve been in jail. In jail you are very much dependent on an outside support base who visits you regularly and supplies toiletries. This also is your link with the outside world. I only had my student daughter – my mother and brother lived far away. Churches are involved with prisoners whom they support. They come to visit once a month and bring some toiletries. This is how I met Koba. All the time while being in jail, Koba visited me. When she passed through the town where my mother lived, she brought a parcel from my mom.

She was and still is an angel in my life. We still are in contact and it is amazing how God sends people along your way. Towards the end of my jail time my daughter and her dad also visited regularly once a month. While in jail, God protected me in all respects and He provided in all my needs abundantly.

After being released I struggled to find work and I advertised in the local paper. Later I was contacted by a company where I now have been working for 2 years. We had a burglary at work and everything was stolen. I had to put my cards on the table with my boss because I worked at the tuck shop and my fingerprints were on all the sweets containers. When I told him about my imprisonment he said that he has known all the while but he has decided to give me a second chance in life.

God is good and present in my life and I know He will not forsake or leave me. Soon our company will move to a town close by and I then will be without transport, but I know that God will provide transport because He gave me this job.


Joel 2:13

Tear your hearts, not your clothes.” Come back to the LORD your God. He is kind and merciful. He does not become angry quickly. He has great love. Maybe he will change his mind about the bad punishment he planned.

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