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A few years ago our son got the most strange bacterial infection. It most probably moved through a small wound in his cheek to his tonsils and when he swallowed it secreted exfoliative toxins into his blood stream. This caused the binding fluid which binds his skin to his body to dissolve. As the skin systematically died, it literally ‘melted’ off his body within hours, like in a horror movie. The specialists were baffled and spent hours on the phone, because nobody knew what was happening. They wrapped him like a mummy such as for a person with burns and gave him intravenous feeding, several antibiotics and morphine and monitored him in ICU. And hoped for the best.

My husband had to look after our primary school daughter and I sat in ICU with my child, alone and wide-eyed. My brain was lame with shock, my words gone realizing that I could not understand the concept of this sudden disease, the echo of the specialist’s words in my head: if he gets an infection in the open body, we will not be able to do anything for him. It became a nightmare night of unbearable pain in spite of the morphine. A night of struggling to monitor him because when they wanted to measure his temperature, the skin came off when they put the thermometer in his ear.  When they monitored the oxygen on the finger, the skin came along. When his fever climbed the pediatrician had to get higher doses anti-biotics. They could not comfort him. And I only could look on dumbfounded.

Exactly four o’clock in the morning after his admittance, when ICU started their day, I suddenly felt the shock of everything that happened. It came in an unexpected wave of panic and rushed me out the hospital door. There, under the starry night in the parking lot, I broke down. I cried and cried in the early morning quiet. My heart broke to pieces for my child and for the first time in my life I couldn’t even pray, because I was out of words…

By the grace of God the condition stopped by sunrise that morning.  When she arrived, the pediatrician was surprised because he was so much better and the parts of skin that was still in place, was not so sensitive to come off when you touched it. She gave a sigh of relief and said the second higher doses of antibiotics during the night definitely beat the bacteria. Only a week later we went home with a healthy little boy and no permanent damage where the skin grew back. We were grateful without limits.

Afterwards, when we went to church again, a lady came to me and told me: “You know, I heard about your sick child and I want to tell you that at four o’clock on the morning of his admittance, the Lord woke me up to pray for you and I prayed for you and your child with my whole being!”

Four o’clock that morning a prayer went up like a light in the darkness on exactly the moment when my voice was quiet from shock and brokenness. God woke somebody on that very moment to be my voice, in order for my heart’s desire to reach God through this lady, without us knowing about each other. And a prayer was answered. I will always believe that my son’s healing took place on that specific hour.

This made me realise that we should not underestimate the value of interceding with God on behalf of people. We may become someone else’s voice on the moment when their words are gone and through the Holy Spirit we may cause a reversal of their situation! We simply have to start being sensitive to God who puts it on our hearts at the very moment when prayer is necessary and should never postpone.


Psalms 88:13

LORD, I am asking you to help me! Early each morning I pray to you.


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