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Obedience better than sacrifice

There was a time when I was really disappointed in my son. It started when he started drinking wine. That specific evening he came home under the influence of alcohol. I reprimanded him about the problem. At midnight, while we slept, he woke his mother.

He complained of an aching tooth. My wife asked if I had pain killers. I told him to look in the kitchen – there should be pain killers on the fridge. He came back saying that he couldn’t find anything. I told him to look properly and at last he found it (it reminds me of Samuel and Eli).

It was then when I heard God’s voice: “Go to the mountain.” At that moment it sounded ridiculous because it was three o’clock in the morning. I got up and started to get dressed. I took 4 slices of bread and a bottle of water and took my dog along.

It was still very dark in the mountains. I chose a rock to sit on with my back to the mountain. While I sat and prayed I heard many scary noises. But because I knew the enemy did not like me talking to God I didn’t pay much attention to the noises.

At last it started to get lighter. After three hours of praying I stood up and wandered about with the Bible and a stick in my hand which made me think of Moses with the staff in his hand. At 9 o’clock I started my way back. On the way I sat in a park and read the Bible. When I continued once more I heard a voice saying: “Not now. Turn down to the river and meditate some more on the Word”.

I thought: Lord, I obeyed Your voice this morning.  I am tired and hungry and thirsty. But I was obedient again. When it turned 12 o’clock I closed my Bible, stood up and got ready to walk. Once again I heard the voice saying: “First walk along the riverside for a while”. I then told the Lord that He must give me a sign to convince me that everything I did up until then was not in vain. While I walked along the riverside something got stuck to my trousers.

To my amazement it was a line with which you fish. I pulled on it but it did not become shorter. The way I pulled the line, made me think of fishing. At last I found a fish hook at the tip of the line. It reminded me of the scripture of Jesus and Peter to be fishermen of people – Matthew 28:10.

At once I got the message I asked of God. I must be a fisherman of people. I was so excited and joyful. An amazing peace came upon me. I went home then. My wife was so happy to see me and my face beamed. May this be a comfort and encouragement to many.


1 Samuel 15:22

Plain listening is the thing, not staging a lavish religious production.


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