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Never alone

I certainly have made a few wrong decisions in my lifetime, but even though my first marriage did not last, I cannot say that it was a mistake, because otherwise I would not have had my 2 beautiful daughters. Like a naughty child we sometimes challenge the system and make wrong decisions even though an inner voice tells you not to continue. That was the case with my second marriage. Mister wanted to eat everything of the best, although he didn’t really have a job. I mean, how can someone live off R450 per week? It barely paid the electricity and after being under administration for a year, mister decided he had enough and filed me for a divorce.

I struggled along for two years to try and pay the administration on my own and I refused to apply for his release from administration because this in turn would have meant legal costs. Unnecessary money I did not want to spend. My relationship with God grew stronger. Yes, I struggled, but each night I had something to eat and sometimes there was money to order something. At the time I had to make use of public transport because the car I purchased with the money I inherited from my mother, was driven to pieces by mister.

I kept it up and God carried me every day. During October 2011 the Administrator called me and said: “Madam, your administration has already been paid.” I was so relieved that I started to cry. She also said: “We actually subtracted too much money from you. Please give us your banking details so that we can refund the money.” When the money was deposited, it was R15000. I stood in awe. Thank you, Lord, is all I could say.

Being black listed, I went to see my boss during February 2012 asking him to help me buy a vehicle of my own… my first new vehicle. He kindly organised vehicles for me to test drive at the office. There I lost my heart to a beautiful little car. And my employer then helped to buy the car.

God provides and I am infinitely grateful to HIM. I still have my Diva and for 5 years I haven’t looked back for a moment. God is good. He carries my through every difficulty in my life. He has also sent a wonderful man on my way. We’ve both been through much drama but today we serve the Lord together. All glory to HIM.


Psalm 37:5
Depend on the LORD. Trust in him, and he will help you.

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