God's word in today's world

Miracles do happen

I was diagnosed with Alzheimer but I could not make peace with it at all.  I cried, prayed and begged with God and asked many questions.

I then heard of a group of young people in Pretoria-North who interceded on your behalf before God. I then made an appointment and viola, I departed by plane to Pretoria.

While listening to my moving story the person who tended to me eventually cried with me. He offered to intercede on my behalf. He asked me to turn my back on him and he started to pray for me.

As he started praying, I felt a warm glow through my body. By myself I muttered every word he said after him. His next words totally changed my life: “God heard your prayer; your Alzheimer will not get worse. The damage caused already, will be permanent!”

Today I am still working and although I struggle with short term memory, the Alzheimer does not get worse. I have repeated all the tests to confirm this.

I praise God and do know that miracles still happen to his children every day.


Job 6:8
8“All I want is an answer to one prayer, a last request to be honoured.”

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