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Lord is my refuge

A while ago I sent the following request for prayer to Cross broad’s prayer ministry – My son was involved in a bike accident and broke his collarbone and he needs to undergo an operation. He unfortunately does not have a medical aid at the moment so please pray with us that Father will provide the right doctor and funds!

And now I stand with a heart filled with gratitude and wonder because of God’s faithfulness. Thank you so much for the encouraging e-mail from your team as well as your prayers. I am in tears and I want to share a miracle that we experienced and saw on 26 November 2018.

I today and every other day do realise that we serve a loving and faithful God! After getting many quotes and making different plans our house cell collected a fair amount of money. This was not enough so I stayed at the feet of Father for an outcome!

We never could have dreamt how Father was to provide! Our last option was a state hospital and this left me cold. I kept on praying for the right doctor and hospital. It then so happened that we got a doctor who referred my son to the George state hospital. The doctor said they had to take one or two x-rays to see where precisely the regrowth might have started to attach. To our surprise he tore the reference letter to pieces and said they didn’t need to operate!

His shoulder grew on so perfectly you can almost say he got a new shoulder within a week. Even the doctor could not believe this was the same boy who got injured! I can’t put in words how it feels. I know that I know that I can face a mop with my Father by my side!

This whole situation touched so many people but the most my son (and now I cry once again).  He decided to change his life and everything that was out of place (the way his shoulder was)! Our home cell also is inspired with hew hope.

Once again proof of the power of prayer and our Father’s Father-heart for us!


Psalm 73:28

As for me, all I need is to be close to God. I have made the Lord GOD my place of safety. And, God, I will tell about all that you have done.

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