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Keep your eyes on Jesus

During July 2017 I started feeling uneasy about my chest. At the age of 60 I still played action netball and I thought the pain was because of a bump against my chest. I then told myself that the stabbing pains I got were because of an injury but I became more and more anxious.

I went to the doctor. After many examinations and one scan after the other as well as a mammogram, breast cancer in phase 2 was diagnosed.

We immediately started with chemo to make the tumour shrink. In February 2018 I had an operation on the breast. During the next 20 days I received radiation.

God was faithful and His mercy was abundant. I finished radiation in June 2018. I didn’t even have to be away from work for one day since I started with treatment, except for during the operation.

Every day I sought the face of the Lord. It helped me get closer to Him.

When someone called and said they heard I’ve been ill my answer was: “I’ve got Jesus on my side’. Every time someone talked to me I said thank you to Jesus who carried me through every day.

This I cannot accredit to anything other than the Grace and love of my faithful King and Father. Thank you to all who prays for me. The road ahead is filled with side-effects – already evident.  My feet are numb and my fingertips are weak. Sometimes I feel nauseous and I do get a headache now and then, but Jesus also carries me through this.

The next 5 – 10 years will determine if I’m completely clean, but I have no doubts. I simply have to keep my eyes on Him.


Psalm 56:4

In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.

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