God's word in today's world

Jesus never lets go of our hand

I lost my job a year ago and I thought this was God’s way of telling me to “do my own thing, you always wanted to”.  I got off and did my own thing. It was tough and I’ve used all the extra money I had.

By the end of July last year I had R200 in my bank account. My house rent was 3 months in arrears, the same with the installment on my car. I did my devotions every morning and I eventually told the Lord that I don’t have any faith left, because nothing wanted to work out and it wasn’t as if I sat back and waited for business to come in.

Last Wednesday morning it rained a lot and I was busy with whatever I had to do (I started an admin business that helps small and micro companies with basics) and I did have some work; everybody cannot pay but I decided to help even if someone cannot pay.

Then my phone rang and two farmers asked me to come and see them. I already gave them three quotes and I started thinking that is was not meant for me. I then went for an interview. The long and short is that I started working for both farmers last Monday. They don’t want to appoint me on salary bases but I work for them on the same bases as for my other clients. Between the two of them I spend around 30 hours per week. The only difference is that I have to be on the farm and cannot work from home, but I only spend the time there necessary to complete the day’s work, then I can leave.

They did not argue about my tariff or nothing. The first thing I did was to go to my mother in the old age home and asked her how I could possibly show my gratitude, because these two contracts were enough money to cover all my obligations and I have enough time left to help all my other clients as well as those who cannot pay.

This just when I started thinking that I was alone and the Lord was not going to help me the way I wanted to be helped. I thought that I maybe once again misunderstood God the way that I often do because of my wariness.

I started reading the Bible from the beginning because I have never read the Bible from the beginning to the end. In Exodus 33 it is written that God asked Moses if He should go with them and Moses then answered that if God did not go with them himself He should not even let them move off. And this echoes in me too. God thought I was good enough for the two contracts but I cannot do this without Him. Will you please pray that I will not let go of Jesus’ hand because He did not let go of mine and this when I thought He had.


Psalm 55:22
Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.


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