God's word in today's world

He hears!

Our house burnt down on 2 May 2015. My husband, myself and our two sons made it out safely in the nick of time. Apart from a few burn marks on my face, on my husband’s hands, and my little baby who ended up in hospital for smoke inhalation, we were all OK.

The house was fully insured and in October 2015, we moved in again.

The Lord taught me that material things are only things and that anything can happen at any time  ̶  so appreciate the people who are with you, love them every day, and make sure that you live your life right.

We struggled financially  ̶  a thing like that drives you long after the fires have been extinguished. Early this year (2017) I received a bill still from that tragedy. I was so angry and immediately said to the Lord: “Lord, I’m fed up now. I want to put what has happened behind me and move on with my life. If bills reminding me of that terrible night are going to keep on coming, I’m going to lose it. Lord, this bill is now in your hands, do with it what You want.”

Immediately, I felt better. I put the bill, which amounted to R2 196.00, aside and did not think about it again.

The next morning at work a woman asked me for my banking details. A man at her church wanted to make an anonymous donation of R2 000 to the woman whose house had burnt down (TWO YEARS AGO?).

I received the money right there and then. I was speechless. And realised once again: The Lord hears me.

It was so unreal. I had tears in my eyes. There was just no way that this wasn’t God. A man from Bloemfontein? I’ve been living in Springs for the past 30 years.

Pray and believe! The Lord hears you …


Scripture: Psalm 34:17

17Is anyone crying for help? God is listening, ready to rescue you.


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