God's word in today's world

God is good, God is everything.

When I was young I did many things that I’m definitely not proud of. I grew up in a Christian home but I moved away from my Christian upbringing after I got married. I am divorced – it was not due to my ex-husband but I brought it about (one boy born from the marriage). I married again and have two children from the second marriage.

Summary of my life: In 1989 I had a miscarriage on 9 weeks and after that I was in a huge car accident. A little boy died in my car and I almost lost my life. I took a long time to heal. I believe that this was my first warning from God to show me that I was taking the wrong path. I had a bladder operation in 2008. A week after I came out of hospital I got sick with Septicaemia. I had to undergo emergency surgery and by the grace of God I woke up again after the operation although the doctor did not give me much of a chance.

The second warning: I then realised that the Lord was talking to me and I tried to live right from time to time. At the end of 2014 Eskom informed us that they are not going to renew our contracts but they are going to advertise our jobs and we may apply for it. We were home for two weeks when we were recalled in January 2015.

In August 2015 we went for interviews and in September 2015 (I am 48 years old) I was diagnosed with colon cancer. This was a huge blow to me and my family. Well, how do you react to such news? I had an obstruction in the colon and immediately had to undergo an operation. I refused (I now realise that I am very stubborn) but the doctor’s words to me were: It is fine, Madam, but just remember that you definitely will not make it for two weeks. Then came all the questions. I heard this on Crossroad as well: Why me? Why do all these things happen to me? The answer I got was: Why not me?

Well, I then went for the operation. Twenty centimetre of my colon was removed (the obstruction), a third of my bladder was removed because the cancer spread there and my left ovary was removed as well. Ten glands were removed, but they could not find cancer in it.

I have a sister who lives in Pretoria and who has been a dedicated Christian since she was young. She stood in front of my theatre while they operated on me. Both of us believe that the operation was done by God. I was in intensive care for a week and another week in the surgery ward before I was discharged.  In the meantime our jobs at Eskom were frozen again and we could not be appointed again. I started working again on 12 October 2015 and went for my first chemo session in November.

I was one week on drips and then two weeks on chemo tablets of 5000mg per day. Then a week of rest after which the process was repeated six times. I was terribly sick, but I was never sent home with a wrong blood counts. After the third time, the doctor asked me if I actually took my tablets because he could find no side-effects.

The Lord? Definitely yes! In March 2016 I had a colonoscopy (no sign of cancer). In November 2016 I went for all the tests (no cancer again). In June and in September I had to go for another colonoscopy.  We then got bad news again: Our contracts definitely will expire and this time will be final. I definitely had a turning point in my life. I know there is a Lord and I trust Him, doesn’t matter what bad things come over you. If you keep looking up and pray, there will always be a solution. I still become very negative, especially now that I have a lot of debt, but I believe there will be an outcome. I got a job at Eskom but my life and family is in another town, I therefore do not want to be there. I simply mention these things because I believe God has a plan for my life. Even though I don’t know what it is, I’ll get an answer sometime. Very few people get three chances in life that is why I love to tell my story. God is good, God is everything.


Psalm 138:8

LORD, I know you will do what you have promised. LORD, your faithful love will last forever.


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