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16 November 2015

On this day, Marius’s whole life would start changing. Johan “Merciful” contacted me to hear if I can tell him more about Marius. He found Marius next to the road and felt very sorry for him. Johan decided to give Marius a chance of a new life. I thank God for him every day. Johan took Marius into his home as a friend. Even gave him shoes and new socks.

Marius told me frequently how good the Lord is to him, because the Lord sent an angel to keep watch over him. He really goes out of his way to take back the life that the enemy had stolen from him. Marius was a wingless bird, he fell hard through drugs and he ended up on the street.

Last messages from Marius to me from 25 November 2015

All the praise and glory, thanks and worship to King Jesus! I left the house this morning looking for work, with little expectation, but I prayed: “Heavenly Father, please make the roads smooth.” I did not have any worries or negativity further, because I put my trust in a living God who have been there for me and opened doors more than I can count!

After a few hours in Rustenburg, on foot and ready with my CV and God on my side, I already had two interviews. I had no clues, but was led by the Holy Spirit. I marketed myself with a lot of positive feedback. The best of all is my God does not do anything halfway and provides far above our expectation. Praise the Lord! I start working on the 1st of December with accommodation as part of the package and a uniform, as well as a car with which I am going to work. They will also pay my licence renewal.

Hallelujah! Rejoice with me and send this message to people who need God. He never lets us down. God still answers prayers and gives back a lot more than the enemy steals from us.

May the blessings from the Holy Father and the guidance of the Holy Spirit stand still at everyone who reads this message, and may you believe and trust that even though we do not have the solution, God is in control and He knows the best way. Amen

I answer: I am so overcome by gratitude. God is great and He gives us a chance. We only need to be prepared to give Him a chance.

Message from Marius to his two children on Facebook 26 November

It is very sad when life happens and children have no option than to be grownups instead of enjoying childhood. I take my hat off to my  beautiful son and daughter and want to tell them how much I love them and also how sorry I am for the part I played in putting them through the hardships they had to endure, of not having their mom and dad where they need them!  C and J, daddy would like you to know that he thinks of you every minute of every day and that he truly loves you with all of his heart. I am working very hard to get my life back on track so that I can be there for the two of you! I pray that we will be reunited really soon.  Amen! Lovies, your daddy, Marius.

28 November 2015

I thank the Lord. I got the keys for the house today and should move in tomorrow.

Johan bought me everything that’s necessary to make a living for now. Even a bed and kitchen utensils like plates, cups and cutlery. Braai pan, kettle and a bunch of groceries. I am so blessed. The Lord takes really good care of me.

I fell so hard and learn from my past, but I am really tired of the struggling of the past. The longing of my kids – I cannot be without them. Through God’s grace and the guidance of the Holy Spirit I will stay focused.

Mom, please keep on being the support you have been all the years. Without it I won’t be able to continue. The love and support carry me. I made myself a soft target through my choices in the past and need as much love as possible.

I decided to forgive N. I want to pray the blessing of God on their lives and that both their souls will be saved before there is nothing left of them! I also ask the Lord for forgiveness for all the negative things and curses I spoke out over D. I bind it and pray that God will destroy it, because everything that is bound on earth is also bound in heaven. I also ask God that I will receive forgiveness and salvation and can start life afresh without bindings and chains of the past. Mom, will you please pray with me for that?

I am going to do that, and I know that if you do your part, you will be blessed by the Lord. Keep your prayers alive. Good luck for tomorrow. I pray that you will fly on wings of eagles.

I love you with my whole heart, mom!

30 November

Today I bring you before the Lord’s feet in prayer. I pray that He will make your eyes soft, so that you may see the sunrise. I pray that He will put soft words in your mouth, because that is something everyone deserves. I ask for a smile to decorate your face. I pray that you will laugh from your heart with joy. Lord, You know the person’s deepest being. You know what he asks in silence. You know his deepest fear, You alone know of the laughter and tears. I ask for relief of the burden he must carry. Answer every sigh and question. Be the reason that he lives. I bring Marius to You, keep him close to You. I know that he already builds his life on Your love. Lord, Your miracles are unbelievably great and true. Even though it sometimes feels that life is so hard. Lord, we can only praise and worship You. Your love is proven to us every day. Amen.

What a great prayer. Thank you mommy. Mom you are one in a million, love you so much.

6 December

I was at the house of one of the guys who work with me. They fed me pap and tik chicken. You know: Take the pap and tik (touch) the chicken with gravy. LOL

7 December

What are you eating tonight? I miss mom’s Breyani tonight. My, I thank the Father for providing for our family. It will start going better. I prophesise it over our family’s lives. The guys who work with me say Mr L respects me. He thinks I’m clever. Just need to work on my self-esteem now. The positivity is back. I also pray for blessing in the business. So many people are dependent on an income here.

You’re going to make it my child. Just start believing in yourself.

11 December

I try to get a hold of the kids. J sent me a WhatsApp now. I am over the moon. My boytjie misses me too.

I pray so hard that we will be able to come together as a family again. I do not want to die like this.

Don’t worry, me neither. Jesus can heal sickness; I believe He can repair families.

12 December

Hello Moeks, did you sleep well? I am going to get you a lemon tree to plant. Mine is starting to bear fruit.

What a blessed day. I am talking to my 3 favourite people: my moeks and 2 kids. My children are my first priority now. I pray that the Lord’s power will reign over my life. I make too many mistakes! But I have to keep trying, otherwise I live in vain.

You’re right my child. Please remember: you deserve happiness. Serve the Lord together with the wife you will choose one day. You will make the right decision. “You are the author of your success.” I wish you well.

This really is a blessed Saturday. I already had 3 satisfied customers and am on my way to a fourth appointment.

How is mom’s small one doing? 13.31…12/12/2015…

That was the last I heard from my child. He went to eternity on 17h30. Rose told me that he twice asked where his mom was. She told me how he that day told her how much he loves his children and that they are such beautiful kids. Also that he respects his mother and loves her very much. He often told them of the Lord’s goodness and that we have to have a personal relationship with the Lord.


Psalm 111:4
4His miracles are his memorial – This God of Grace, this God of Love.

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