God's word in today's world

God doesn’t write anybody off

I was brought up a Christian. Unfortunately I made the wrong friends in my 20’s. Together we did things that did not belong in a Christian’s life. At the age 22 I got a boyfriend who manipulated, hurt and humiliated me. I fell pregnant and accepted the fact that I was in an abusive relationship, but God decided differently. I later on broke contact and he accepted this because he believed the baby not to be his. I was blessed with the most beautiful baby boy! When he was 8 months old, I got a wonderful job and became friends with a nice guy.  Our friendship grew and he saw my son growing up in front of him and 5 years later we got engaged! He has a degree and I looked up to him. I started studying part-time and passed my subjects with distinction! I found a purpose in life – I wanted to become better for my son.

While praying one day God gave me a vision – it was the first time the Holy Spirit lead me like this in prayer! In the vision I saw myself and the guy in front of the pulpit. On the left of me sat my dad with a huge smile. He was glowing with a beautiful white rose on his chest. A few months later my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. I was devastated!

In the meantime I forgot the vision until my sister reminded me of how glorious my dad was. That was supposed to mean that my father was going to die… After a painful fight Jesus came to fetch him. During August 2016 we got engaged and in November 2016 my father went back to God. We got married early 2017.

The incident is bitter-sweet, because why was I to know that my dad was going to die? The question daunted me for a long time, but I find peace in the fact that good and bad happen with God, but He gives you strength for that. Even though I live very close to God it does not mean that the devil stays away. Recently the devil knocked on my door again and all I could do was PRAY! This situation we had to go through was frightening and I saw no escape, but studying the Bible is your best weapon! After a very long week of not knowing what to do, God gave a solution!

God is here, He really wants to live close to us… if we simply accept Him, if we just make time to listen. We have to realise that God speaks to all of us, but in different ways! Therefore you have to fall silent, reflect and try to listen for His guidance. I think nowadays we want an immediate answer, an escape, you know “we have no time for waiting!”, but if all of us simply fall silent they will experience the most wonderful joy which I call MY GOD.

Even to this very day God can work with an insignificant person as well as with somebody who fell pregnant before she was married.  I now know that He will never leave me because His love is too deep!


Hosea 11:8
8″Ephraim, I don’t want to give you up. Israel, I want to protect you. I don’t want to make you like Admah. I don’t want to make you like Zeboiim. I am changing my mind. My love for you is too strong.

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