God's word in today's world

God cares for His children

During the past year I went through very difficult financial circumstances. My salary was halved overnight and I really didn’t know what to do. I felt like God has forgotten me because it felt like I prayed against the walls. I then simply decided to stop praying, because I could not bear it any more. I kind of like to simply sit and think about life and why things happen the way it does. Then I realised that we humans want to use God as our slave (if we want something to happen now, we expect it from God at once). Otherwise we lose heart and we return to our old ways. I then started attending church again, read my Bible, prayed and more and more sought God in my life.

Last week, while sitting in church, peace suddenly came over me and I prayed and told God that I knew that the desert period in my life was to come to an end. I could feel in my spirit that God has many plans for me in the year ahead. On Monday morning I prayed and asked God to put his blessing on my finances. (I asked him to help provide in my basic needs.) That day our manager called us in to inform us that he is going to give us a little extra for our hard work of the previous year.

Tuesday I once again asked God to bless my finances and Wednesday again.

Wednesday at 4h10pm I received an e-mail from my friend to urgently send her my CV. Two hours later I received a telephone call to inform me of an interview I had to attend on Thursday 13h00. That same afternoon I got the answer: I got the job. And this is enough for me and my family to survive on!

This is not the end. The owner of the company offered to fix my front tooth which I broke a few years ago while eating muesli. I’ve never had enough money to fix it before, but it harmed my self-esteem a lot.

All glory to the Lord. I know He opened the door for me and together with God I will walk the way.


1Peter 5:7

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you

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