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Faithful indeed

During 1996 I lost my job and decided, after attending several interviews and being unsuccessful, that I will start my own venture.

I prayed to the Lord and undertook that, if He would help me to be successful, I and the people we work for will start each day reading a chapter from a Christian book.

Thereafter one person in the group gets the opportunity to pray in his own language. There are also two persons who do not have the courage to pray but are still part of the group.

Then we also read one piece from Power Quotes and discuss it.

At one stage, a senior manager and his wife started working for our company and my new partner recommended that we stop with the morning services since the new manager and his wife did not believe in God and would take offence.

Against my better judgment I agreed.

Unnecessary to say, suddenly it started going very badly with the firm.

Our group decided that we will honour the agreement we made with God and started again.

We unequivocally told the manager and his wife that we would like them to be part of the get together. (They chose not to be part of it. They also got divorced later.)

I broke the partnership with my partner and believe me, the Lord blessed us unconditionally!

On several occasions we have had a pastor lead us in the mornings. Praise the LORD!


Psalm 18:25

Lord, you are faithful to those who are faithful. You are good to those who are good.

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