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Faithful as usual

Five months ago I’ve asked you to pray for me. The answer helped me tremendously and I even got more information to better understand my condition (Achalasia). I really appreciate it.

During the operation, done by a professor from Pretoria, I however picked up a problem. He perforated my stomach in several places and a few days later I was admitted to a Hospital. After two emergency surgeries I was in intensive care for two weeks and another two weeks in the surgical ward.

I was extremely weak and lost 10kg during that time. The miracle I want to share with you is that according to the doctor I had no pulse or blood pressure on the day I got sick. Humanly speaking I was dead already.

My husband and the two sisters who helped me, prayed. The next moment I opened my eyes and smiled. I was taken to ER by ambulance and was operated on immediately. All the hospital staff agreed that it was an absolute miracle. My organs already stopped functioning, but FATHER had other plans for me. Prayer chains started everywhere, friends came to anoint me and some of the staff praised our God with singing. I am at home, still sometimes endures much pain but I PRAISE OUR GOD AND FATHER … ALWAYS FAITHFUL.


Psalm 4:3

Know that the Lord has set apart his faithful servant for himself; the Lord hears when I call to him.

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