God's word in today's world

Days of distress

Things are difficult at the moment. Since January 2018 our finances were very challenging. But we should not complain. Every day God still provides. But today’s events surprised me a lot.

This morning I woke up as usual to make coffee for me and my wife. I went to sit outside, watching the world. I thought about a plan to get through the week. We only had R150 in our purse to buy food till the end of the week when my wife gets money. I played with the idea to sell some of our things in order to have money for food as well as fuel to get to work. So many things went through my mind.

And while I sat making plans, my phone rang. It was my employer. He went on business to Botswana on Thursday and still wasn’t back in South Africa. He then asked what I was doing and if I could do him a favour. He asked me to go to the factory where I work and get the bank card to go and draw R1000.00. I then have to buy electricity of R500 for the factory’s pre-paid meter, because he received a sms informing him of the electricity being low. The other R500 is for me to cover my cost while buying the electricity.

We serve an Almighty God. Just when you think you are down and under and you don’t know what to do, He provides an outcome. So I had money for food as well as fuel until Thursday. I immediately told my wife that God is so good to us and told her of my employer’s request. This is so true: “God is good, always and always God is good”.

We humans often tend to take for granted the small things God puts in our way. Very seldom do we thank God for this. Today it was proven to me that God is always present. God knows and sees everything. God always provides. Glory to our Almighty Creator.


Psalm 86:7

When I am in distress, I call to you, because you answer me.


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