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Acknowledge His miracles!

Recently I went through a difficult time …

I was eagerly on the way to the Aardklop National Festival for the first time, being very excited. I had to drive three hours from the farm to get there. At 10 o’clock the morning I went into a theatre for my first show.

While putting my phone on silent, I noticed that my father has called. I immediately returned the call (from inside the theatre) because my dad almost never calls. An unfamiliar lady answered. My dad collapsed and he needed an ambulance. (He was in the city for business, 2 hours away from home). I immediately called and he was taken to ER. I put off my plans and rushed to the hospital. They thought it was a stroke. After giving emergency treatment they gave him blood thinners. He then got transferred to a hospital close to us.

A few days later he was discharged with no permanent damage. On his first night home my sister opened his medical reports (which was sealed and meant for our GP). My 18-year old daughter (who seriously wants to study medicine) read it all. “Mum, granny did not have a stroke – he is having internal bleeding”.  This is her ‘diagnoses’.

I then made an appointment with our GP.  Gave him everything to read and told him of my dad’s incident and all his symptoms. “Immediately stop the thinners – your father is going to bleed to death” is his words! Our story isn’t finished yet, but I then realised that I experienced a few miracles the past few days.

  1. I was one hour away from my father when he collapsed
  2. He collapsed after driving for two hours to the city and not while being behind the wheel
  3. He was very close to a hospital and not 45 minutes away like when we have to get from our farm house to the hospital
  4. He wasn’t alone like he would have been if the incident had taken place in the house on the farm. My husband only would have noticed that something was wrong around seven o’clock in the evening.
  5. My curious sister opened and read the results and reports and my daughter’s ‘diagnoses’ caused us to make a doctor’s appointment. If it wasn’t for that, my father certainly would have bled to death!

Five, yes five miracles happening right in front of my eyes. And we thought miracles only happened during Biblical times. God is alive and omnipresent! Amen.


Psalm 9:1

I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.

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