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Just want to say that the Lord’s mercy is unfathomable and it is awesome to serve a living God. I think that we often don’t realise that when we have surrendered something to the Lord we have to leave it to Him and trust Him with our lives.

I think my son, Henry’s struggle with depression was caused by circumstances and things that were not resolved or handled correctly. I have been talking to him for a while now but he has not opened up to me completely.

His lecturer originally said that he was willing to walk the extra mile with Henry. He had to see him regularly and in that way the lecturer step by step explained the work and he then had to learn the work to make sure that he understood it.

In this way I bit by bit found out that the lecturer was suffering from depression himself but he was curing steadily.

We discontinued Henry’s other subject and he already passed the third subject but his marks were not good. His mark for participation however was 77 percent. He was being prepared for exams in a similar way. He got extra time for writing and every time wrote in one specific venue. I then arranged that he could visit the exam venue a day before the date of writing simply to sit there while the other students were writing.

I waited close-by while he and my daughter wrote the next day for in case something should happen to them or even if they had panic attacks.  My daughter also got panic attacks last year while writing exams. She is busy with some Honours subjects and wrote at the faculty.

That morning I prayed with each of them separately and I trusted the Lord to be with them and knew that it would go well during the exams. I also beforehand did the breathing exercises with them so they could be calm.

Henry’s lecturer informed him on Thursday that he has passed the exams and that he got 93%. He is still waiting for the final result.

God is always faithful and prayer is effective. We simply have to keep on trusting Him.


Psalm 4:3

The LORD hears when I call to him

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