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The stories others tell about you

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In the radio program Monitor on RSG politicians pay tribute to Van Zyl Slabbert, past leader of the PFP. Many people respected him. One person from the ANC said that Van Zyl was a man of integrity and then he said what his own son had to say about integrity. His son had said that when you had integrity, nothing else mattered. And if you didn’t have integrity, nothing else mattered either.

9People come up and tell us how you received us with open arms, how you deserted the dead idols of your old life so you could embrace and serve God, the true God.

When Van Zyl Slabbert died, many people had stories to tell about him. You would hear or read about his good deeds in the political arena all the time. Everybody respected him and his stories will live on for a long time in South Africa.

Paul said that the same could be said of the new Christians of Thessalonica. Other people talked about them and told stories about them to total strangers. There had been a marked change in the lives of the people of Thessalonica. Did you hear? Did you see how different the Thessalonians are? They laugh; they are so positive about life. You can hardly believe these are the same people who had been in sackcloth and ashes just a while ago! Something must’ve happened in their lives – people don’t just change like that for no reason.

Other people tell their story. Other people see the changes. Other people personally experience that something has changed. By this time, you probably know me well enough to know what my next question is going to be!

Yes, you guessed right: So, what about you? What do people say about you? What stories are being told about you? Are you the one that is so difficult to work with or are you the one that keeps everybody together? If someone has unanswered questions, do they come to you for answers or are they too afraid to approach you? Do you have integrity, where nothing else matters, or do you have no integrity and nothing else matters anyway?

This simple message completely overwhelmed the Thessalonians and as a result they simply could not remain unchanged. This message came alive in their lives and their cups ran over.

They lived in unbelievably poor circumstances, which should have made them feel extremely negative about everything, but it didn’t!  When the message of God and his crucified Son overwhelmed them, everything changed to such an extent that the papers of the time wrote about it.

People say ..

Yes, people say. What do they say about you?

May we once more be overwhelmed by the magnificence of God’s plan of salvation. May we once more be filled with so much joy about the Gospel that it will touch all the people in our sphere of influence so that they will be attracted to God. May we be really missed on the day we are no longer here.


1 Thessalonians 1:5-10


And you?

What stories do people tell about you?

Do you walk the road of integrity?


Jesus, I really want others to see the change in my life because I know and love You. Please help us to serve You joyfully in all circumstances. Amen.

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