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Stop getting angry, stop scolding

Click here to go to the Scripture: 2 Corinthians 6:1-13

The biggest pain experienced in the world is caused by the tongue. Without thinking twice we tell other people exactly what we think of them. They cringe as they’re destroyed piece by piece. How many corpses are walking around because people don’t understand the power of the tongue! Sexual abuse is terrible and should be eradicated. But what about verbal abuse? It kills people!

I realise that the tongue doesn’t simply get up of its own volition and start scolding. No, many times the tongue starts mouthing off when we’re angry. In the world out there things happen that do not fit in well with our own will and ideas. If someone steps outside those boundaries, whether it’s a taxi stopping in the middle of the road, or a child not wanting to do his homework, or a spouse or even employee or employer who is unfair, our emotions kick in. Sometimes you can feel it pushing to the surface and the only place where the steam can escape is through the mouth, and as it pushes past the tongue, it wakes up and in the confusion it starts scolding.

And often when the dust has settled, you feel guilty, but then it’s too late. The other person has taken the punishment and the relationship is falling apart piece by piece – and before long there is a plan to let go, because no one is winning.

All because we don’t learn to control our emotions. All because we get angry and allow our unruly tongues to take over.

We must realise the impact our tongues have. We must take the trouble to make this impact positive and not negative and destructive. We must do as Paul did. Although their circumstances weren’t really rosy, they did not lose control and start venting. No, they kept their emotions under control. They learnt to control and manage their emotions right. 6… with pure heart, clear head, steady hand; in gentleness, holiness, and honest love; when we’re telling the truth, and when God’s showing his power; when we’re doing our best setting things right … living on handouts, yet enriching many; having nothing, having it all …

The previous message and Scripture were exactly the same, with the same lesson. But I feel we have to ring this bell again. We have to take responsibility for our actions. There’s no reason to allow your emotions to run away with you and fire up your tongue. Look, life’s not always easy. Things happen that upset us. But we must be bigger than that. We must take control of our emotions, channel them in the right direction, to avoid catastrophic consequences.

Obviously, we won’t be able to do it on our own and now is the time to get reinforcements. Give the Holy Spirit his place in your life. Make plans with Him to prevent the water from boiling. Put guards at your mouth, so that they can help you prevent the wrong message from slipping out.

I promise you that life around you will be different. I actually want to say: Watch this space! Because I know that when we take control of our emotions and allow the Holy Spirit to take control, there’ll be less corpses in the world. Then we’ll experience a piece of heaven here on earth. Do you part.

And remember: If you ask for help, you will get it and with it many tests. Some you won’t pass, but don’t let that stop you. Get up and try again!


What makes you angry?

How can you get this under control?

How can you give a bigger part to the Holy Spirit?


Father, I know that I have to give a lot of time and energy to this part of my life. I know that I do not have full control and often hurt others. But I want to make a new commitment to put a guard in front of my mouth and rather think twice before I allow negative words to slip out. Amen

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