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Status: I believe in God

I have a good friend in Gauteng. He always says if he ever catches me in a rental car there, he’s going to get me. It’s like a scene from a movie when they arrive at the airport in their two huge cars. When the driver of the front car gets out, I throw my suitcase in the back, jump in behind the wheel, waves, and steps on the gas.

My friend is a very successful businessman and worked hard to establish his enormous business, which means that a big number of families can eat well every night.

My friend’s status on his phone is: “I believe in God.”. And everybody can see it. He lives God wherever he goes. Yes, he has tested the boundaries sometimes and fallen down, but he comes back every time, because he believes in God.

My friend knows where true happiness comes from. He knows that although he has achieved much in life and has many possessions, the only place where you can find peace is with God. The rest of the stuff here on earth is just noise.

My friend knows what God values and that material possessions aren’t part of it. Nope! The day you die everything you’ve collected here on earth stays right here.

I learn a lot from my friend.

It is so sad that so many people are barking up the wrong tree. From an early age we long for that nice car. We want a beautiful partner. We want the luxury house. Maybe we even want to step on stage, where people can give us a standing ovation. These are the kind of dreams we dream.

And there’s nothing wrong with it. You can drive a big car and live in a house with too many rooms. You can jump up and down on a stage in front of thousands of people every night and have the most beautiful or handsome face next to you in bed. You can certainly enjoy life to the full and push it to the maximum every day, but this has nothing to do with peace or real joy.

Just ask those people who have everything, but not God. They want more and more, bigger, better. I suspect that’s why many celebs eventually try the lines of white powder. To get a bigger kick in life – but tomorrow morning they’re back at the “Start”.

Listen well to this one: 9… Prosperity is as short-lived as a wildflower, so don’t ever count on it.

There’s nothing wrong with wealth in itself, but we must make sure that we’re not blinded by it and miss God somewhere along the way. Enjoy what you have fully and make sure that your status on your phone and the rest of your life says: I believe in God!

James 1:9-11

What do you hold onto?
Where do you collect things?
Where do you find your value?

Heavenly Father, please help me not to compare myself to the people around me, but to remember what You value. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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