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Spreading like a wildfire

We often underestimate the powerful effect of prayer. Prayer is the vehicle for interceding for one another, where God hears, and where He makes things happen. Prayer is the place where we really care for each other. It’s the place where we can be honest, and even if it is only a mumble, God understands everything. He knows the intention of our hearts.

We should pray more for one another. We need it.

Paul couldn’t do without it. He knew the challenges that lay ahead and that is why he asked the people to whom he was writing to intercede for him in prayer: 1One more thing, friends: Pray for us. Pray that the Master’s Word will simply take off and race through the country to a groundswell of response, just as it did among you.

We’ll never be able to finish the race of life on our own. What we do has no power, and without the power of prayer, there is no real impact. Yes, we can get up on stage and preach as much as we like, but it will not even make a dent in people’s lives. Our fleshly efforts are powerless.

Yes, without the power of the Holy Spirit we and our efforts simply evaporate like smoke in the wind. I also realise that these bits of writing that pass through my fingers via the keyboard onto screens will make no impact if the Holy Spirit does not sow the seed in the hearts of others.

I would like to share something personal with you. I would like to use one reader’s prayer as example. It touched my heart deeply. Willie prayed:

Abba Father, You are great and almighty. We worship You and today once again acknowledge our dependence on You. Again, we acknowledge that we cannot exist without You, You are everything to us. Thank you for covering us with your wonderful love. Thank you for never leaving us alone and that You will never abandon us or let us down. Thank you for being in control of the curve balls that life and the enemy throw our way. We give it all to You. We give ourselves to You.

Abba Father, I want to pray for Gerjo Ben too. I pray for his family and for all at Crossroads. Father, overwhelm them with your love, your closeness, with your being in control of their circumstances, feelings and emotions. Father, renew their thoughts, daily, to always hold onto You alone, to not focus their thoughts on the world, to draw it away from their circumstances, and to focus on Jesus Christ, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Way, the Truth and the Life, the Lamb slaughtered for us.

Father, I bind them to You in the Name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Protect them, Father, guide them, give them wisdom and insight where they need it. Father, they are your children and You love them very much. Let the life of Christ manifest through them. Thank you for using them to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to people. Father, bless them, bless Crossroad. This I pray in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ, your Son. Amen.

Wow! We really need this. Sometimes it is difficult to pray. Sometimes you get so busy and prayer gets pushed to the bottom of the list. That’s not right, I know. Indeed, this is when we need prayer most.

Let’s pray more for one another. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit more often to work through our friends and family. Then our actions will have a greater impact and God’s message of salvation will spread like a wildfire.


2 Thessalonians 3:1-5


How often do you pray?

How often do you pray for others?

Do you contribute to spreading the Word of the Lord?


Lord, remind us to pray for each other. And especially that each of us will contribute to spreading Your Word. Our efforts have no power if it is not anchored in prayer. Amen.

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