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Special to be less

I remember an incident from my days in the business world. Half an hour before factory start-up, I was with the three project managers planning all that they had to do that day. The one who snuck in last, asked first: “When are we going to read from the Bible again? I’m hungry.” Man, he got me there!

I’ve been ignoring my assignment for a while. Fortunately, the previous reading was still fresh in my mind and I knew that it would have as much meaning to them. We called everyone together and reflected on the Scripture: 12So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline.

I could see that this meant a lot to many of the employees! It doesn’t matter how bad it’s going at any given moment, because when you hear this incredible news, you’ll jump with joy. The almighty, awesome God chose me! I am special! God loves me!

When you realise that:

  • God chose me,
  • I am special, and
  • God loves me so much,

…  then something starts moving inside you. What God does for us is simply too amazing for us to remain untouched by. Somewhere we have to start doing something, because what we receive is far too great for us not to share it. We cannot keep it to ourselves.

The image of the clothes worked really well for the factory workers, because they put on different clothes every day when they arrive at the factory. Overalls that can get dirty. Clothes that suit working in the factory. When they go home in the evening, they put on clothes that fit being at home.

They understand the image that your clothes must fit what you believe in. The people around you must experience your status in God. Sometimes it’s easier to do something for strangers far away, but those that live here right next to you … it’s not always so easy to care for them and to be nice to them.

But we have to put on these clothes. God put us in the world especially for that. We are his beloved. That mobilises us to care for and be nice to other people.

When I realise that God loves me and sees me as special, I cannot continue living in the same old way. Things start changing inside me and the people around me will be the first to notice it. You are different. You are so nice. You don’t put yourself first anymore.

Through the working of the Holy Spirit you start putting others first. You want to do things for others before you look at yourself. And that is definitely not how we were at the beginning. Sometimes we were really grumpy and rude to others. This changes because God makes the own self less in our lives and reaches out to other people through us.

Today, consciously try and see that God also chose the people around you, that He loves them, and that they are special in God’s eyes, just like you. Try and take a step back and make others feel good about themselves. The Holy Spirit likes working in such circumstances!

Put on the clothes that fit your faith. Know that God loves you and has made you specifically to make a difference wherever you go. You were made special to be less, so that God can become more in your life. May the world be better because you wear God’s clothes.


Colossians 3:12-17



What do your clothes look like?

Do others see that you are special in God’s eyes?

How do you show you care?


Father, I’m so grateful for your love and that You think that I’m special. I realise that my actions must be in line with this and that the clothes I wear in the world must reflect it. I want to care. I want to reach out to others and make it good for them to live next to me. I pray that I might make a real difference in other people’s lives today! Amen.

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