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Sorry, you didn’t make it …

In the army, my corporal and I butted heads very, very often. I suspect one of the main reasons was that I didn’t like exercise very much. I’m really not built for it and it’s always been a struggle for me.

I could never understand why the guy who came first didn’t have to run again. He was much better built for running than me who stumbled and gasped for breath. And then I had to hear that I would never get anywhere in life.

It messes with your head and somewhere along the way you want to start believing the guy. Maybe you’re not as good as you think you are. Maybe you were put on earth to always be last. Maybe you should just give up.

Many times in life you are spit out and told you are not good enough. I am thinking now of my friend who looked for a job for five years. He applied daily and didn’t even get a letter to say: “Sorry, you didn’t make it” or “If you don’t hear from us in a few days, then …”

Even relationships can break you down. A friend’s husband just showed up one day and told her he was in love with someone else. Now she’s the one who sometimes wonders if it was her fault and that she’s no longer good enough.

That’s the reality. People mess with other people. People do not realise what they say with their words and actions. Suddenly, someone becomes a throwaway rag and their self-worth plummets. “Sorry, you didn’t make it …”

Or maybe at work. “We have to reduce some of the workforce and, unfortunately, we cannot keep you. You’re not part of those that will remain. Sorry, you didn’t make it …” Rejected and thrown away.

I suspect Jesus experienced this too. He came as a gift to the world. He brought the light to the dark world. No, more — He brought true salvation to all mankind.

But the people didn’t see it. They, even the church of the day, persecuted Him. They tried Him and found Him guilty. They spat on Him and beat Him with whips. Nailed Him to a cross and thrust a spear into His side. “Sorry, you didn’t make it … You’re not the Saviour.”

But God didn’t take notice of this: 7The stone the workmen threw out is now the chief foundation stone.

Jesus became the cornerstone of God’s new house. He became the Saviour of the world, even though the people rejected Him. That’s what God does. That’s the reverse theology that people talk about.

Great was my surprise when, at the end of my first year in the army, I was selected to be the head of the company’s gunner — the highest post there was. I think the corporal was also very surprised.

I’ve learnt that people might think you don’t make it, but God helps you up, He turns everything around. Then I know: with God, I do make it!

1 Peter 2:1-8

Where did you get the message that you don’t make it?
Do you understand that God can turn it around?
Where do you need God’s turnaround right now?

Father, sometimes I believe the people who say I don’t make it. Jesus, You know exactly how that feels. Help me to believe that You can turn it around. I ask it in Your Name. Amen.

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