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Soli Deo Gloria

I would like to share a bit about our own journey. I enjoyed the years on the farm and being involved in the vineyards a great deal. It is so enjoyable to work in the Creator’s soil. However, after 12 years I was ready for the corporate world. The new challenge energised me and I learned and grew considerably.

After about 10 years in the corporate world our ministry had grown much bigger and our experience was that the Lord had called us to this full-time. People couldn’t understand it and suggested that we do it after our kids had finished school. Yes, it wasn’t easy to shift from giving to receiving – we have our pride, don’t we, but God provides. Every month when it seems as if we won’t make it, blessings and care would appear from another direction.

I’m speechless when I see how God provides. Sometimes I sit in front of my computer while tears of gratitude stream down my cheeks. My next reaction is to fall down before God, honouring Him for his faithfulness, because I know He is the source. He is the One who uses other people to provide for our needs.

That is the result of people who are obedient and who act. All honour to God. When you help someone and support people in crisis, you become Jesus’ hands and feet. Then it is as if Jesus Himself is supporting people in their need. And then when people say thank you, the gratitude must go to God. Yes, people see God when we are good to them.

This does not apply to doing good only, but also to proclaiming God’s Word. When people proclaim God’s Word, the honour goes to God. Or should go to God. It’s not about the person conveying the message, but about God. That is why Paul requests people to pray: 1that the Master’s Word will simply take off and race through the country to a groundswell of response, just as it did among you.

Many preachers standing on imposing stages can fall into this trap. Just listen to the members of the congregation as they leave church after the service. Are they talking about God or the pastor? Whose name is being honoured?

And we shouldn’t be too quick to point a finger. We also fall into the trap of commenting about the preacher’s lovely sermon. We must make sure that the glory goes to God, not the preacher.

We must make sure that every little bit of life that we’re living and every good deed that we do takes place only through God’s grace and, therefore, all glory must go to Him. Like Elsa:

My passion in life is to help broken people. I can recognise them immediately and don’t even think about it before helping them.

But the hurt that goes with it is not good. And again I had to be reminded that it is definitely not about me, but about God and the instruction that He gave me:

“Care for them, feed them and tell them about me. Go and sit at Jesus’ feet …” He asks me to sow and He will make it grow. It’s not about me, but all about Him.

Everything is about God. When you live like that, God will eventually enjoy all the glory.

I had a bumper sticker made for my bakkie: Soli Deo Gloria. All the glory to God alone, because you see, every time I turn the key and hear the horse power galloping beneath the hood, I glorify God’s Name, because one of his children gifted it to us.

May we live in a way that makes others see God. May we do it in such a way that God’s Name is glorified.


2 Thessalonians 3:1-5

Reflect on this

Are you doing your part so that God’s Word is proclaimed?

What practical things can you do to make an impact?

Do you pray for those who preach God’ Word full-time?


Father, thank you for every opportunity to make a difference and to be Your hands and feet on earth. Thank you that I can make a difference in the lives of other people. May Your Name be glorified through it. Amen.

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