God's word in today's world

So that others can experience God

Living stones bring life to a dead world. Living stones do things that are acceptable to God. Living stones’ lives make a difference in the world and God so enjoys seeing it.

It’s so nice to do something for other people. It’s so rewarding when we make a plan to help people in need and succeed. Relieving other people’s distress brings a smile to one’s face and for sure also to God’s.

This is what God is. It’s part of God’s existence to relieve people’s distress. I mean, take the effect of Jesus’ death on the cross. With this one act, God came to deliver humanity from its need. Now they no longer have to face the punishment their sins have accumulated.

But God’s involvement with the world does not stop there. That is not the end of God helping people in need. No, God is an involved God who still wants to help people here on earth today.

For this, He uses the stones built into His new church next to His Son. When we, who are children of God, “put our lives on display,” others see it, experience it personally, their distress is alleviated, and they experience God’s goodness.

9… God’s instruments to do His work and speak out for Him …

Lolly told me about her son:

I want to tell you a story about my son who is the head boy in primary school. A twelve-year-old took his own life and it was so traumatic to see the young twelve-year-olds having to bury their friend. As I looked at the boys, I saw the tears running over my son’s face.

And I was proud of my son, because he is always there for the other children as a leader. The principal told me one day why my son was the head boy. He said that my son could keep everyone calm on the playground and soon sorted out any fighting.

Lolly concluded:

God plays a big role in my son’s life as head boy and it is a blessing to know that God is bigger than any fear we may face. And even if bad things happen to us, God will guide us and pick up the pieces with us.

How wonderful that a boy can fulfil his role as a living stone so well. There on the playground, he brings peace. He brings comfort next to an open grave.

And in a way, the twelve-year-olds who are in pain over their friend feel God’s comforting hand over them.

Where can you relieve the need today? Where can you bring peace? Where can you go and do something, so that others can experience God Himself in their need?

1 Peter 2:4-10

Where can you relieve need today?
Where can you bring peace?
Where can you go and do something, so that others can experience God Himself in their need?

Father, I want to be a living stone. I want to make a difference so that others can experience You. Holy Spirit, open my eyes to see the places where You want me to be Your hands and feet. I ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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